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Apex Legends Mobile is a Battle Royale Game, which is completely free for Android, which means you can download it for free on your Android phone.
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1.0.0 (build 1)
April 22, 2021
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Today we will know about Apex Legends Mobile Game. After the introduction of Pubg, Free Fire, and Fortnite games in the Android market About 90% of Android users who like to play games have become crazy about the Battle Royal Games, And today PUBG Mobile has joined the list of games that are played the most in the whole world.

Nowadays Android users prefer to play Battle Royale Games, keeping in mind the same thing, game developers are also developing games in the same field and I am going to tell you about one such game today called ‘Apex Legends’. So let’s know-What is Apex Legends Mobile Game, What are the unique features in it?, how can you download and install the latest Version Apk file of Apex Legends Mobile on your android?, and can Apex Legends compete with PUBG Mobile?__

Apex Legends Mobile Review:

Apex Legends Mobile is a Battle Royale Game, which is completely free for Android, which means you can download it for free on your Android phone. If you feel like playing Fortnite like a cartoon and you are a little bored with the PUBG mobile game, then Apex Legends is going to be a very good game for you.

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Apex Legends has been developed by Respawn Entertainment company published by EA (Electronic Arts). More than 2.5 crore people have downloaded this game within 1 week of release. Apex Legends is a little different from the rest of the games, due to which it is quite popular. In this, every character has its own unique ability and one character’s name is Bangalore, which is a bit funny to listen to.

It is 100% safe for your smartphone phone. Like PUBG and Free Fire Game, very soon Apex Legends will also be one of the most popular Battle Royal games all over the world.

Such as other battle royale games, you can also play with the team. Like PUBG Mobile Lite, Apex Legends can play up to 60 players at once and in this game, a team of 3 players is made, in which you cannot play solo, if you play alone then the other 2 players automatic will come into your team.

Be like the rest of the games, in the Apex Legends game, you are dropped into a map named Kings Canyon where you have to survive to the last. You might have found out what is an Apex Legends game? And how to play it? So, let’s know about the top unique features of Apex Legends that make it different from the rest of the battle royale games.

Apex Legends Mobile APK v1.0.0


Many features make Apex Legends Apk more special and different from the rest of the apps. Let us know all the features.

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  • Explore a growing roster of powerful Legends
  • Choose from a diverse cast of characters to find a hero that fits your play style
  • Legends have their own unique personality, strengths, and abilities
  • Immerse yourself in a universe with deep storylines and character profiles
  • Customize your favorite Legends with unique skins to express yourself and stand out


  • Choose your Legend and team up with two other players
  • Combine your unique skills to be the last squad standing
  • Join forces with friends and players alike to master team roles and dominate the game


  • Fast-paced battles utilize shorter matches and more exhilarating gameplay
  • Communicate like a pro and stay in the action with the Smart Comms ping system
  • Blast your way to victory with the most elite loadout of guns in any shooter


  • Master your Legend’s abilities
  • Make strategic calls at a moment’s notice
  • The strategy will be essential for taking advantage of each Legend’s unique strengths\
  • Decide when to unleash a unique arsenal of exotic weaponry, equipment, and abilities
  • Optimized UI and control systems amplify the mobile experience


If you have a good Android phone and you wish to play games like PUBG and Free Fire then you ought to also play Apex Legends once. This game will offer you a really good and different experience. Live like a hero, play like a legend – download Apex Legends Mobile today!

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